Shirley Layer

Video Experiments

So if you scroll through my Instagram, TikTok, or YouTube, you'll see it's basically a creative lab. From behind-the-scenes glimpses and vlogs to step-by-step tutorials, I'm forever in experiment mode. Now that I'm out of school, expect that content to be even more fine-tuned.

Vlog Painting Ceiling Tiles

Here’s the real secret: You don’t always need a full-on production to make waves on social media. Case in point, this simple, off-the-cuff video has racked up almost 240k views and tons of engagement. It wasn’t pre-planned or heavily edited, but hey, I’ve been in the lab experimenting with different content styles for years, and sometimes you strike gold when you least expect it. 😎🎥

Thor Hammer

This video is a prime example of the power of sharing your process. One thing I always emphasize when I talk about content creation is just how uncomplicated it can be. You’re often already doing something interesting—so why not document it? It’s not always about crafting something specifically for social media, but rather capturing the cool stuff you’re doing anyway. 🎥👌

Ebay Refund

This video showcases the power of offering genuinely useful information that can solve real problems for people. Whether it’s giving financial advice that impacts someone’s wallet or guiding them through a complex, stressful process, this kind of content packs a lot of value. Trust me, people appreciate it. 🌟📚